8th June The Amazing Hindu Wedding Ceremony

9th June The Amazing Vow Renewal

YES! You are invited!

Mendhi & Pithi

7th June

This is an informal evening with nothing special planned, just to hang out, eat and chat, while doing a bit of traditional things like the mendhi (traditional drawing on the hands and feet), and pithi (also known as haldi) ceremony, where the bride and groom are laddered with yellow paste by the participants to wish them good luck and an auspicious beginning.


Relaxed, informal, colorful outfits.



Hindu Ceremony

8th June

The ceremony will take about 1h30 and will be conducted by Chanda Viyas, the first female priest in the UK. She will be explaining everything that is happening for those who don't know. Right after we'll have the traditional photos and will distribute candy so that the party begins.

Prepare your best bollywood dance moves and stock up on delicious indian food - let us know if you have any allergies beforehand!


Colourful indian outfits like lehengas, kurtas, relaxed pants and tunics.

If you have any questions of doubts please dont hesitate to contact us! We're here to help:)



Vow Renewal

9th June

As on our first wedding we forgot to exchange some vows and have our closest do their speeches, we're giving it another go - and after last year, we feel like we have so much more to say!

We'll try to keep it short and sweet, have cake in between things happening to make it more entertaining, and start with the toasts early on.

Get ready for a crazy night of oldies music, childrens games and lots of laughter - or so we hope!


Go crazier than last year, please! Wear that thing you've always wanted to wear and never had the courage or opportunity to wear in public - it's going to be hot so dont be afraid to show some skin if that's your thing! Hawaian shirts, tshirts and suits are FORBIDDEN! Please be creative and lets all be silly together!;)




10th June > 14h00

The title says it all - wake up when you must and try to stand. We'll have snacks by the pool and pack things up to leave.

If anyone wants to stay over a little bit later to help get everything back into its place we'll really appreciate it, but this is obviously not required of anyone!





How to get there

By car just follow directions to Oliveira do Hospital, then ANCOSE, and from there follow the arrows that will lead you to Quinta da Fonte Fria.

By public transport from Porto or Lisbon airport go to the bus terminal in order to reach Oliveira do Hospital by bus and let us know your arrivel time so we can get organized to pick you up. There may also be a chance for someone to give you a ride depending on your arrival time and date! We can also help you make travel arrangements if you need us to!:)

Where to sleep

You can stay at one of the hotels around (Oliveira do Hospital has 3 good ones), share an airbnb with other guests (areas as close to Negrelos, Bobadela and Oliveira do Hospital as possible), or sleep at the venue in tents (which is what most people will do in order not to drive after drinking, and also to keep partying at will). If you don't have a tent or come from abroad let us know if you want one and we'll sort it out for you. Please note that there are no ubers or taxis in the area so to reach anywhere you must have a car.

What to bring

A tent + sleeping bags/matress

Swimming suit + towel

Comfy light clothes for the day

A light jacket for the evening

Comfortable shoes! Don't forget it is a FARM!

Specific food you may need for munchies to hide in your tent for the evening (I mean, I always do)

Insect repelent

Something to drink and share, please!

Please confirm your attendance


We really need to know who's coming, on which days, when they arrive and how they ge there so we can try to facilitate rides and lodging for everyone ASAP. Please let us know when to count on you!


Though we love your kids the farm is not child-proofed and the ambience will be a bit rought for the little ones so we advise you to leave the children safe and sound with friends/family and come enjoy the party for as long as you're able, without that extra worry. Bringing them may not be fun for them or you.


There are a lot of historical spots around, river beaches and cool locations to visit, and there is also a shabby but nice swimming pool and a lot of ground around the farm to sit down, read a book or take a nap - enjoy your free time as you wish and let us know if you'd like us to organize something for you to take a tour around the Olive Oil Museum or the Roman Ruins nearby.


There will be fridges to store drinks and food so bring whatever you think you may want or need. We'll be serving food and beer on the 2 evenings but will ask everyone to contritute with a bottle of something else so that we can have an open bar (the problem of having a second wedding is not having the same budget as for the first, but still wanting you all to have a crazy good time)!:) For lunch we may grab some pizzas or chicken or do some supermarket runs so everyone can get what they want.


Your presence is our gift. We mean it! Most of you decided to give us gifts on the first wedding, please dont do it again! Those who want to gift us something, though we REALLY don't ask for any gifts, please contribute to the party with cash, as we can't possibly fit anything else in our small hoarders' apartment that is overflowing with boardgames and books!;)


Please do! We don't have much space but will be thrilled to have you over and can fit quite a few people at our place, at the extra room, offices and the living room! Before the wedding we'll probably be setting everything up and will appreciate extra sets of hands, and after we'll be happy to just hang out and show you around! We love to spend time with our loved ones and if you were invited it's because we love you so do feel free to extend your stay and meet the beautiful city of Coimbra!


We would love to have everyone and their cousins over, but we are running a tight guest list so please be mindful of not bringing people we have never met to our very intimate wedding!;)