what we offer

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what we offer:

I have a very personal approach to shooting weddings: I love capturing all moments from getting ready with your family or by yourselves until the crazy dance moves late in the evening. There is no bad moment, no in-between, and your day should be lived and registered fully.

As your team, we will focus on candid shots full of love, laughter, happy tears and spontaneous hugs, but we'll also aim to guide you to have the best possible photos and videos and to capturing your personality fully - and if to do that we have to help with some poses or suggest some accessories, we will.

In the end, this is a team effort: your job is to be happy and enjoy your day surrounded by your loved ones (1 or 200), and ours is to get it all in images that will hopefully take you back to those moments everytime you look at them. Shall we do this?



  • Complementary pre-wedding shoot
  • Timeline planning coordination
  • Full wedding day coverage
  • Same night sneak peek - 10 images
  • Minimum of 750 edited images


  • Pre-wedding events coverage
  • Post-wedding events coverage
  • Boudoir shoot
  • Adventure shoot
  • Second shooter
  • Day-of coordination
  • Analog coverage
  • Polaroid add-on
  • Social media coverage
  • Express delivery
  • Luxury wedding album
  • Luxury album replicas



  • Full wedding day coverage
  • 2 min highlights video
  • 15 min cinematic video


  • Pre-wedding events coverage
  • Post-wedding events coverage
  • Second shooter
  • Super 8 add-on
  • Social media video
  • Unedited files
  • Express delivery



  • 7 black and white sketches of the main moments of the day
  • 1 watercolour of the couple


  • Extra sketches
  • Everything in watercolour
  • Luxury album of the sketches

what our clients say:

Ana was such a pleasure to have as our photographer! She came all the way to our small town in southern Manitoba, Canada to do our photos. We got engagement photos as well as our wedding day. She was such a delight to be around. She was kind and helpful. My whole family loved her. She did such a good job that my best friend is also asking her to come to Canada again for her wedding next summer!


It was amazing working with Ana, her experience made our day flow easily taking all the pressure away! I'm so glad that she would cross the ocean to be with us in our elopement in San Francisco, it made us feel very special and, as a photographer myself, I had a lot of expectations towards her photo results which came out perfectly!! THANK YOU for being part of our lives and capturing our memories with so much love!


We have been lucky enough to know Ana firstly as our own destination wedding photographer in Portugal but then also as the photographer of a good friends wedding in France and then taking all our family photos... she is fantastic. She is so talented, really easy going and a great person. Her work really is a work of art. Honestly we cannot stop looking at or wedding photos and video over 5 years on. Highly recommend.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to? I can’t ever really tell, but if I had to I’d say probably something along the lines of documentary meets hopeless romantic point of view. I love my images to be super natural and real, but also to capture all of the emotions of each day - from love to laughter, to the emotional tears when you walk down the aisle.

I currently have my home, closet and dogs in Portugal though I have lived here and there and travel so often you can never know where I'm at.

All the YES! I can cross cities, countries, oceans and continents for your wedding - as long as you want me there (and I have your date free) count me in!

Of course! Well for starters I speak Spanish and French then I can do a tiny bit of German and Italian and a whole lot of gesturing (aka the real international language, right?)!

That is the opposite from a problem! Whilst it has some clear advantages to know the venue beforehand, going to a new place we haven’t shot at gets our creative juice flowing - we can explore the place and get excited with the new possibilities and challenges.

All the time you need - yes, you read that right! I won’t be leaving before you did all there was to do and danced a lot on top of it. I hate it when couple are stressed about their wedding photographers or videographers leaving because they’re staying for 8, 10 or 12 hours - I’m there for the whole wedding which means I’ll start shooting when you start getting ready and will be going home after we’ve all busted many moves on the dance floor!

I strongly dislike it when a couple has to lose a big part of your reception to take pictures - you only have this day once and you should enjoy it with your loved ones (I agree, I’m nice and you also like to hang with me, but there are so many guests here wanting your attention), so I’ll take you away in short periods of time throughout the day, for 5/10 minutes of photos. This way you’ll have photos in different locations, with different lights and in different moments of your day and still you’ll get to enjoy your party in full!

Yes! I know it is often viewed as the “uncreative” part of this job and to be fair it can be, but your guests need to have a photo of them with you and we’ll take them in a more posed or relaxed way - whichever you prefer - but we’ll get them all!

Please do. This is absolutely non-negotiable for me and my team. I'll be spending an entire day running around and trying to get you the greatest photos I can think of, so I need not to worry about my energy levels. Please allow me 45 minutes of pause and feed me warm food while you and your guests are eating - no one wants photos with food in their mouths anyways, right?

I do. For many many reasons - being the main one the fact that everyone seems to like getting married on a Saturday. The year only has so many sunny Saturdays and there are a ton of amazing couples that want us to take their beautiful pictures so I have not only second shooters to accompany me, but also a team of brilliant individuals that have been shooting with me for a while and whom I fully believe will be able to capture your day exactly as I would. They just show up, shoot, and you can rest assured I’ll edit and deliver your images and all final products myself.

Industry standards point to 4 months but I usually give an estimate of two months until delivery time. If you need them to skip the line for some reason and be delivered earlier I do offer a rush fee, just ask me about it. If you don't, please trust I'll deliver your photos as soon as they are done and believe me, I have absolutely no pleasure in keeping them undelivered longer than I have to and will not forget about you in these two months!

Videos take a while longer to be created as there is a lot of work behind it to make it perfect and concise, so you'll want to see the videos over and over again. Again, while industry standard is close to 1 year, we aim to take between 6 to 8 months delivering the wedding videos. We know you'll be dying to see them but trust me, they'll be worth the wait, and be even more special to see after all the emotions of the day, the photos and the album have cooled down - I love how we deliver things in steps and you can relive your wedding over and over again every few months!

I shoot dual card. This means I am constantly saving the photos I take in two cards at the same time. Then I have an external backup drive on which I save the cards the very same night of the wedding before going to sleep. Then during the week I copy them to another external drive that I keep at a different location to make sure they are safe, and finally I’ll get them onto my computer to edit. I’ll only delete the cards and the backups when I’m done editing and they are uploaded to your gallery.

Just reach out and let me know - I keep a copy of all of your photos and videos and can easily re-send them to you.

If by any chance I can’t be there for your wedding, rest assured I have all of my weddings attributed to a backup photographer or two, just in case. All of the exchanges we’ve had are safe in your file and my passwords are in a folder for my colleagues to be able to access. If I’m dead or incapacitated I’ll be very sad to not be at your wedding but the person who’ll replace me will be very excited to do so (I just can’t promise the same quality crazy dance moves though, mine have been worked on for years)!

Awesome! I’m already excited! Send me an e-mail with all your deets and I’ll send your contract over. The retainer paid upon signing is of 20% of the total value and the remaining balance can be paid up to the day of the wedding.